Port Equipment

  • - Hopper
  • - Deck-Tower (electrical supply for grabs)
  • - Conveyor
  • - Mobile Shiploader
  • - Overheight Frame: Mechanical, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic (electrical)
  • - Lashing (Stowage) Gondola
  • - Lashing (Stowage) Cage
  • - Lifting Beam

Port Hopper

Specifically designed for unloading bulk cargo into trucks or bagging, our port hoppers can be manufactured upto 100 cbm and alternatively designed to be modular for transportation at all capacities. Depending on demand extra features like PLC control system for sensor weighters, light and sound warnings, wheels, environmental dust covers, hydraulic or mechanical flaps and other special requirements can be added.

Deck Tower (Automatic Cable-Reel)

If on the chartered vessel it is not allowed to mount accessories on the cranes, the deck tower is a good alternative. Placing this device on deck and connecting it to a Electro-Hydraulic Grab wil be enough to start operating. Deck Towers guide the electrical power cable from the vessel or generator to the grab and keep the cable under constant tension. It is possible to work with either power from the vessel or a powersource from shore. Operation can be with Remote Control Panel and/or Foot Pedal.

Mobile Shiploader

The mobile shiploading conveyors can be adapted to all types of products. On demand, they can be optimized for the handling of agricultural products such as cereals and maize. Or it can be used to load various minerals, rubble, wood, de-icing salts and silica sands. The conveyors vary in length from 6 to 55 m and operate with an electric motor. In addition to the motor, you can choose the feed and type of product outlet (swivel spout, swanneck). These characteristics enable them to achieve high performances in the handling of bulk products. The output can vary from 60 to 400 tons per hour depending upon the type of bulk product transported and the version of bulk conveyor selected. That performances can be harnessed for various uses. You can optimize the loading of a truck, boat, barge or even containers. They can also be useful to you for filling storage bins and storage buildings.

Overheight Frame

The Overheight Frame is a great tool which improves productivity and time efficiency during operations when handling Open Top Containers, Flat Racks and Over-Sized Cargo in general. At the same time it increases significantly the security of the stevedores in those operations. Types available are Mechanical, Semi-Automatic, Fully-Automatic (electrical).